Data Feed

Prestashop data feeds have always the same structure:

https://{yourdomain}/modules/doofinder/feed.php?currency={currency}&language={language}&dfsec_hash={your API key}

You can add as many search engines as you want, including the URL mentioned above, only changing currency and language parameters.

  • Enable security hash on feed URL: It will generate a security token which is a security code in the product data feed URL to protect its privacy. To do this, in the module, Data feed, select the option to activate security. (Applies for modules prior to 4.2.0).

📌 Note: If you activate it, remember to paste the new URL in the Doofinder admin panel > Search Engine > Settings > Indices.

  • Display prices in Data Feed: Include or exclude the prices in the product data feed.
  • Display prices with taxes: Include taxes in the product data feed.
  • Export full categories path in the feed:
    • Export only main category of product in the feed
      • For instance: Women > Tops > T-shirts or only T-shirts
  • Include product variations in feed: This option let us:
    • No, only product: Include only “parents” products in the feed
    • Yes, include each variation: Include variation in the feed like individual products
  • Attribute Groups: Select the attributes you want to index in the feed for each product.
  • Include product features in feed.
  • Select features will be shown in the feed: Select the features you want to index in the feed.
  • Product Image Size: Choose the folder from which the image link will be generated.
  • Product Description Length: Short or long
  • MPN Field for Data Feed: Choose the field that will be indexed as a reference.
  • Update on Save: The index will be updated every time you make a change in your product catalog.

📌 Note: Remember that if you make any modifications in this section, you need to process the feed in your Doofinder Admin panel.