Installation Steps

1.Login to your PrestaShop account.

2.On the Dashboard, go to Modules and select the Modules Manager.

3.In the top right corner, select the Upload a Module button, from which a pop-up page will appear, prompting you to drag the module file there or select the file.

4.In the ‘select the file’ option, find the .zip file you downloaded earlier on, select and upload it.

5.Hit the Configure button or close the pop-up window.

6.If you closed the pop-up window and want to continue with the set-up later, you can find the Doofinder module under the Doofinder module manager section.

If you want to continue with the set-up now, keep reading this article.

Configure and Install the Live Layer

Doofinder has released a Live Layer, including many improvements, making it a lighter and more powerful layer for your online shop.

📌 Note: Automatic configuration can only be done when you are installing Doofinder for the first time.

Automatic Configuration

To begin with the set-up configuration, click on the ‘Set up’ button.

You will be required to log in to your existing Doofinder account or, in case you don’t have, sign up for one.

Before being redirected to your Doofinder Account, a setup wizard will appear and will run for some seconds, creating the search engines for all the languages and currencies you have set in your data feed.

You are now ready to go!

For further configuration, you can log in to your Doofinder Account.