Custom Fields - Shopify

Custom fields are known as "metafields". The configuration of these fields is done in 2 steps.

Step 1: define the meta fields to be used and in which type of content you want them to appear.

Step 2: use these metafields in a specific content.

Go to your backoffice, "Configuration" > "Metafields" and select the type of content you want this custom field to refer to.

select the type of content

Once the content type is selected, give it a name, a description and enable the option for this field to be seen from the API requests by clicking the checkbox (this point is important). Then, save.

name it, enter a description and enable API option

Once defined, go to the content type to edit it and you will see this field in the "Metafields" section. Give it a value and save.

give the metafield a value

Finally, in the plugin configuration, enable the option "Enable metafields indexing".

enable metafields indexing