Shopware 6 - Installation

To begin the installation process, you need to go to your Doofinder Admin panel to create your store. If this is a first-time installation, a pop-will appear to enter the following information, if not, click on your store name and 'Create Store':

create a store in doofinder admin

1.Type the URL of your Shopware store.

2.Enter the platform you are using. In this case select Shopware from the dropdown menu.

3.Click on the corresponding Shopware version button to download the Doofinder plugin to your Shopware account. For this guide, we will click on "Install Doofinder Extension for Shopware 6".

You will be redirected to Shopware to download the free plugin. Once there, click on the green button and finish the process.

select the shopware version

4.Now, go to your Shopware backend, Extensions (Erweiterungen) > My Extensions (Meine Erweiterungen) > Install APP (APP installieren) to install the plugin.

download doofinder plugin

Click on 'App Installieren'.

Install App

Once done, you need to activate the plugin.

Activate the plugin

5.Now, you have to go back to your Doofinder admin panel to proceed with the installation. As the plugin is installed and active in Shopware, Doofinder will recognize it and so you can now click "Continue".

go to doofinder admin

6.Type a name and select the language, currency and sector for your store. Then, continue.

enter name currency and  language

Product Feed Generation

7.First select the .XML file format and without saving go back to your Shopware backend to generate this file.

select the xml file

8.To get the URL of your feed you have to go to your Shopware backend, Verkaufskanäle, scroll down to API-Zugang and copy the Export-URL.

go to API-Zugang

📌 Note:If you cannot find Doofinder under "Verkaufskanäle", click on the three dots next to the "+" sign to search for it.

9.Now, go back to your Doofinder Admin and paste the URL of the feed.

Paste the feed URL

10.Remember to write your CSS selector to activate the layer. You can find more information on how to choose your CSS selector here.

Click on create, and the following message will be displayed:

layer script

Please close the window and go back to your Shopware backend.

Doofinder Plugin Configuration

The last step in this installation is to configure the plugin in your Shopware backend. To do this, simply go to Extensions (Erweiterungen) > My Extensions (Meine Erweiterungen) and look for doofinder. Click on the three dots and select 'Konfiguration'.

configure the plugin

Here, be sure to add:

  • API Key: Your API key can be found in the Doofinder Admin Panel. Click on your profile Icon (in the header) and then on API Tokens.
  • HashId: Search Engine’s Hash ID can be found in the Doofinder Admin Panel. Click on Search Engines, view all, and Hash ID will be visible next to the name of your Search Engine.
  • Store ID: It is the identifier code of your store, also referred as 'Installation ID'. You can find it in your store settings.
  • Integration type: DooFinder Live Layer – I'm Doomanager konfiguriert.
Plugin configuration

Finally, enable the 'Doofinder Suche aktivieren' option at the top.

You are now ready to go!