Recommendations - WooCommerce

To implement the recommendation's widget in your WooCommerce Store, first you need to paste the CDN <script src="//cdn.doofinder.com/recommendations/js/doofinderRecommendation.min.js"></script> into your current layer snippet.

To do this, go to Doofinder Plugin > Search > Layer Snippet.

paste the cdn script

For Wordpress and Woocommerce you simply have to insert the df-recommendations code into the section of the template you need. This process depends on the template you are using, but in general it is a theme builder or snippet code.

This is an example of the df-recommendations tag inserted in a custom section of the home page.

paste the df-recommendations code

📌 Note:If you are using elementor you can add the CDN script part together with the doofinder script to load in the header or footer.