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Store Settings

When Doofinder is installed, a STORE is created. This store will have a name, a Store ID (identifier), a related URL, a business sector to which it belongs, its different languages and currencies that will be its search engines; and it will use a UNIQUE script, with a predefined design, for all those search engines. All this information can be found under 'Store Settings'.

What Can Be Done In 'Store Settings'?

In the store setups section, you will find the store ID information and the installation script. You can view and edit the name and sector of the store. Also, see the layer you are using or select a new one; add and delete languages and currencies to the search engines; link your Google Analytics account and even delete a store.

store settings

Store ID

It is the identifier code of your store, also referred as 'Installation ID'. Check this example below:

Store id

Store Name

This name will be used to identify the Store in the admin. From here you can edit the name.

Store URL

The URL of your store, as typed in the web browser.

Industry Sector

Enter a business sector to optimize the search experience based on the type of products you sell in your e-commerce.


Search Layer

You can view the layer you are currently using, or even select another one if you have more than one layer created. Once your layer is created, you must select it here in order to activate it.

Lear how to create a Layer here.

CSS Selector

We use a CSS selector to indicate where on the website we want to trigger the layer when the customer clicks. Enter a CSS selector, like #search-box or input[name="q"] to choose the element or elements in your page used to launch the layer.

If you want to learn how to choose the CSS selector, read this article.

Search Engine Language & Currency

Choose the default search engine that will display results for each combination of language and currency. From here you can add more languages and currencies, link them to a search engine, and even remove them.


Serialize State to Browser's URL

This option generates a dynamic URL that can be shared with other users. If enabled, the layer is reloaded with its most recent state when the page is refreshed in the browser.

Serialize browser's url

Google Analytics account / Measurement ID

Integrate Doofinder with GA4 to track and measure your user's traffic. For more information please read the article Activate GA in your Store

enter ga information

Measurement Protocol API secret

This information is required in case you are using a Google Analytics 4 property.

Installation Script

Here you will find the installation script. You will have to paste this code snippet into your website template (only necessary if you don't use one of our plugins).


You can delete a store by clicking on "Delete store" at the bottom left. Remember to always save your changes.

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