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Searches and Requests

What is a request, and how are requests calculated?

A Doofinder server request refers to any interaction with the server, and your account's request usage is influenced by API requests, Search requests, and Recommendation requests. A single search involves multiple requests, depending on the features used. Navigation within the Doofinder admin also triggers requests. For additional details, consult the article ‘How are requests calculated?’

A search request is generated from user queries through the Doofinder Layer on your webpage, with a single search often generating multiple requests to Doofinder's servers, depending on the features being used. The "Searches" in your Stats chart reflect the successfully resolved searches within a timeframe, but keep in mind that these numbers might differ from the "search requests" displayed in the account's usage section.

Why am I seeing API requests?

Each time your feed is processed, either manually or automatically, requests are counted. This includes all indexing requests, whether a feed or API. Platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento2, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware and JTL, can index in real time, using 'update on save', which also consumes requests. In addition, navigation within the Doofinder admin also generates requests, for example, within the statistics page.

Subscriptions and Plan changes

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can request the cancellation of your subscription in the doofinder Admin panel, in the following link. Simply click on "Cancel my subscription" at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. If you are using SHOPIFY billing, you need to cancel the service from your Shopify and uninstall the Doofinder app. For more information, refer to the article “How to cancel my subscription”.

How much notice period is necessary to unsubscribe from Doofinder?

The cancellation becomes effective at the next renewal date. Once cancelled, your contracted service will remain active until the renewal date, after which it will continue on our freemium plan.

Can I get a refund if I cancel before the end of the subscription?

No refund policy applies.

How can I change my plan?

You can update your plan directly from the Doofinder Admin Panel, in the following link. Check your actual plan details Click on 'Requests' if you only need to modify the amount of requests per month and want to keep the same features. Select a different plan, if you want to include more features. Click on 'Update Plan' or 'Contact sales' at the top. For more information, refer to “How to change your plan”.

What is included in my plan?

You can verify what is included in your plan by checking the Overview section on your Account in the Doofinder Admin Panel.

I have subscribed to a plan; how long does it take to be active again?

The activation of the service is immediate. If you proceed without seeing Doofinder running on your website, empty the browser's cache, and it will be activated.

If I reach the query limit, how can I reactivate Doofinder?

If you pay through Paypal or a credit card, you can upgrade your plan or buy a Query Pack immediately from your admin panel.

I bought a pack; how long does it take to be active again?

The reactivation of the service is immediate. If you cannot see Doofinder working on your site, empty the browser's cache, and Doofinder will be reactivated.

What is the Non-Stop service?

Non Stop Service allows you to configure the automatic purchase of query packs when your account reaches the requests limit of your subscribed plan. This way, your service won't be stopped once your query limit is reached. More information in the article “Non-Stop Service”.

Why am I receiving multiple invoices?

Certain services, like the non-stop service or additional query packs, are billed separately, resulting in the issuance of multiple invoices.


Why are my products not showing up in the search results?

Typically, if a product doesn't appear in the search results, it could be due to several reasons: it's not indexed in the feed, the product is out of stock, a customized result is matching the search query or the data feed wasn't fully read. If your catalog is in order, you can resolve this by manually re-indexing the data feed in your Doofinder control panel. To initiate this process, navigate to Search Engines > Settings > Indices and click on the "Process Now" button. Please ensure you are in the correct search engine if you have multiple ones.

How can I change my indexing settings?

To modify your indexing settings please navigate to the Indices section in your Admin Panel, Search Engines > Settings > Indices and click on the Configuration icon at the right top to display the available options.

Can I schedule indexing at a specific time or date?

By default, Doofinder indexes product data on a daily basis when the automatic option is enabled. However, starting with the PRO Plan, you can choose between indexing your feed once a day, periodically, configuring a time interval between indexes or scheduling specific timing. To access these options, please go to your Admin Panel, Search Engine > Settings > Indices and click on 'Configuration'. More info in the article “How to Configure Indexing Options”.

Can I include multiple prices for the same product?

Absolutely, you can! Kindly proceed by following the instructions outlined in the article titled B2B Personalized Pricing.

Products are displayed without VAT in WooCommerce

Doofinder indexes your data feed on servers located in Ireland and the USA. You need to change your taxes configuration here: WooCommerce > Settings > Tax > Calculate tax based on: Shop base address.

How can I use the Doofinder API?

To use the Doofinder API please refer to our Search & Management API documentation.

What's doofinder user agent?

Doofinder/4.0 (+


How can I prevent bot attacks?

Let's clarify something first: the bots aren't attacking Doofinder directly, but rather your website, specifically through your internal search. When a bot searches your site, it sends those searches to Doofinder, causing an increase in consumption. This happens because of how your plugin is configured to replace your site's internal search with Doofinder.

To fix this in the long run, it is crucial to make your site more secure. To do this, you can use tools like Cloudflare and IP blacklists to prevent bots from spamming your searches, among any other security measures you can implement to prevent bots from reaching your site.

We strongly recommend updating the Doofinder plugin and layer to the latest version, in case of deprecated plugin version and/or use of V7 layer.

Plugins: If you're utilizing any of these Plugins, explore the links below for further assistance.

  • Prestashop: Be sure to 'unhook' the productSearchProvider hook module. Click the link below for step-by-step instructions.
    'Hooks Management'.

  • Shopware 6: Click the link below for detailed guidance.
    'Prevent Bot Attack'.

My website requires access credentials

You can include the access credentials in the URL of the feed so that it can be indexed, for example:

http: // usr: psw @ server / Tests

You can also include our IPs so that those credentials are not required. They are:



What's doofinder user agent?

Doofinder/4.0 (+

Stats and Conversions

Why has my Conversion Rate gone down?

You might want to review your stats and check out your top opportunities. These are results provided by Doofinder, even if there isn't an exact match in the catalog. You can enhance these results by adding synonyms or setting up custom results to direct your customers to the most relevant options.

Why is my CTR so low?

To boost your click-through rate (CTR), it's likely that you'll need to set up some business rules within the Doofinder Admin.

How can I set up my Conversion Rate?

Go to your Admin Panel > Search Engines > Stats and click on the "Configuration" link at the right top of the screen. For more information, please read the article “How to Configure Conversion Rate URLs”.

How is the Conversion Rate calculated?

After a user starts a search, a session begins, and if a purchase occurs within 24 hours, it is recorded. The conversion rate is determined by dividing the number of purchases by the number of search sessions, representing sales relative to users who utilized the search engine. Achieving this involves registering an event when a search is initiated, and for recording sales, configuring the confirmation order URL is necessary.

Doofinder does not provide this data since it does not capture the user's ID or the cart. It only measures the ratio between checkouts and search sessions.

Reports and Notifications

How can I change my notification settings?

Upon accessing your Doofinder Account Panel, navigate to the Profile section to manage your notification preferences based on your role. For more details on configuring notification preferences, click here.

Why am I not receiving my invoice via Email?

To receive your invoice via email, make sure your user has one of the following roles enabled: Owner, Administrator or Billing role. To learn about roles, follow this link.

User Management

Why can’t I see certain parts of the Admin?

Doofinder offers three distinct roles, each with specific access areas: Administrator, Billing, and Manager. Verify your current role in the Team Members section of your Account Panel (if available) and request the Account Owner to make any necessary modifications. Explore the roles in detail here.

How can I add new team members?

To create a new user for your account, go to User > Team Members and fill in the email field and choose one of the available roles. Pressing the 'Add' button will send to that address an email invitation link. After the user has signed up, they can start using the Admin panel with the chosen restrictions. Please note only Account Owners have access to the Team Members Menu.

Where can I find my API Keys?

You can find your API Keys in the Account Panel. Go to User > API Keys. There you will have your API Keys.

Business Rules

How can I promote specific products?

For targeted product promotion, employ our Dynamic Re-Ranking and Custom Results features. These tools are designed to align with your marketing and sales strategy, enabling you to shape your users' browsing experience for optimal results.

How can I exclude out of stock items?

Doofinder offers an automated tool for efficiently excluding 'out of stock' products. In your Admin Panel, navigate to Search Engines > Settings > Indices. Access the configuration, enable or disable the "exclude out of stock products" option based on your requirements, and then save the changes. Prior to activation, confirm that your product feed includes a 'availability' field with the value 'out of stock'.

Certainly! Linking more than one search term to a product is possible by employing a set of synonyms. This ensures that your results align with search terms not included in your data feed. Learn more about Synonyms.

How can I create a banner?

To set up Banners, access your Doofinder Admin Panel and go to Search Engines > Business Rules > Banners. Add new banners by clicking the 'Add Banner' button and fill in the required information following the provided instructions.

Stores and Search Engine

What’s the difference between a Store and a Search Engine?

The store in Doofinder Admin is linked to your primary web domain, hosting all functionalities. The search engine manages product data, applying various business rules. Each search engine has a unique 'Hash ID' for synchronizing your website with rules and data feed. Stores can have multiple search engines for different languages and currencies.

Do I have to pay extra for adding additional stores?

No, there are no additional charges for adding extra stores. Ensure that your existing plan adequately accommodates the usage across all your stores.

Can I include more than one currency per Search Engine?

No, it's not possible. Each search engine must correspond to a single language and currency. The quantity of search engines in your store will depend on the number of currencies and languages configured in your store.

Where can I find my Store ID?

You can find your Store ID in your Admin Panel. Go to Store Settings and, at the top right corner of the page, you will see your Store ID.


Is it necessary to use your modules to implement Doofinder?

No, it is not necessary. If you have a product data feed, e.g. Google Shopping, that's enough to get you started.

We couldn't check the plugin due to a connection error

Doofinder tries to check the plugin installation by a URL. If Doofinder cannot access the plugin, the guided configuration can continue. Just select the "other eCommerce" option as a platform and proceed with the configuration.


Why does the value of my search box appear in Statistics?

This text may be entered in your search box as "value" and not as a "placeholder". This can cause searches to be performed with that value. To avoid this, the text should be introduced as a "placeholder".

Doofinder Cookies

Doofinder's Live layer does not include cookies in the customers' sites.

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