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Installation Steps BigCommerce

1.Log in to your BigCommerce account and download the Doofinder application from the Marketplace.

2.Inside your BigCommerce account, go to Apps > Marketplace.

go to marketplace

3.Look for Doofinder and click on it.

select doofinder

4.Click on 'Get this App'.

Click on get this app

5.Select Log in to Existing BigCommerce store.

login bigcommerce

6.Install the app.

Install the app

7.Click on confirm to finish installation.

finish installation


Once installed, you can find your Doofinder module in your BigCommerce Panel > Apps > My Apps.

You can access your account by clicking on the 'Login at Doofinder' button.

login doofinder


The module configuration is automatic. From here, you can simply:

  • SEARCHBAR: Activate the Doofinder search bar option and the Live Layer will be activated by default on your website.

  • CUSTOM FIELDS: Enable or disable the option to index your products' custom fields.

  • UPDATE ON SAVE: Enable the 'Update on Save' option to instantly refresh any modifications made to your products.

  • ADMIN PANEL: Access your Doofinder Admin Panel to configure the features that best suit your needs.

Configure the plugin

Doofinder is compatible with Multi Storefront.


The script is generated automatically during the installation process.

You can find it in your BigCommerce panel, Storefront > Script Manager. Click on the three dots > Edit.

Configure the plugin
Configure the plugin

If for some reason the script is not generated automatically, you can copy the script from the Doofinder Admin Panel 'Store Settings', and go to your BigCommerce panel > Storefront > Script Manager, click on 'Create a script' and then, paste the script.

For older versions, go to Advanced Settings > Data Solutions > Site Verification Tags > Connect > HTML tag > Add DF script.

Search Engine Creation and Indexing

The search engine is automatically created and the indexing process is conducted via GraphQL. This automatically generates a user named "doofinder indexator", which is added to your customers' database in BigCommerce. This user is essential for the indexing operation and should not be modified or removed from the BigCommerce database.

Configure the plugin


The full screen Live Layer will be enabled by default, on desktop and mobile. If you want to create a new layer, see this document 'Create a layer'.

Multi-Storefront in BigCommerce

The Doofinder Plugin now supports BigCommerce's multistorefront feature, offering a streamlined solution for managing multiple storefronts efficiently.

Learn more in the article BigCommerce Multiā€Storefront.

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