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Recommendations - BigCommerce

For BigCommerce customers a native tool is provided that allows them to insert scripts directly into the template. However, in this one you can only add a 'script' tag, so here you add the CDN part.

To do this go to your BigCommerce account. On the left side menu search for Storefront > Script Manager > Create a script:

create a script

Complete and select the following options:

  • Name of the script: df-recommendations
  • Description: Recomms
  • Location on page: Head
  • Select pages where script will be added: All pages
  • Script Category: Essential
  • Script type: URL
  • Load method: Default
  • Script URL:
complete the fields

The df-recommendations tag has to be added directly to the theme, if not Bigcommerce will block non-script tags in the Script Manager.

Go to Storefront > Themes > Current theme > Customize > HTML:

customise current theme

We suggest that you make a copy of your theme before changing it in case you need it later.

make a theme copy

Now add the script inside the HTML box:

  hashid="0caea29130b996f90e3380541db23d83" (use your own hash ID)
  region="us1" (use your region eu1 or us1)
paste the script

Then save and publish.

Select your theme again, and look for the option to Edit theme files. Example: Storefront > Themes > Advanced > Edit Theme Files > Templates > Components > Products > Product-view.html


Add the script in the place you want to display the recommendations. Remember to enter your hash ID and region.

<h2 class="df-recommendations_title" style="
    text-align: center; ">Related Products</h2>


Save and apply all files.

This more customized option allows you to place the tag in a specific file. However, updating the theme may cause your changes to be overwritten, so it is recommended to have a child theme.

Please note that in order to work properly the recommendations must also be activated in your Doofinder Admin .

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