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Prevent Bot Attack - Shopware 6

In Shopware, the search results page URL remains consistent across all websites, making it a prime target for bots: /search?sSearch=filter

Since these pages also generate requests when visited by bots, we've implemented mechanisms to identify Shopware visitors as bots based on their user agent.

Within the Doofinder plugin configuration, you'll find an option to disable the native search. Doing so prevents Doofinder requests from being consumed when bots flood the search results page.

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  • Aktiviert (Enabled): The native connection to Doofinder is executed regardless of whether we have detected a bot request or not.

  • Deaktiviert für Bots (Disabled for Bots): The native connection is executed for all visitors except those identified as bots.

  • Deaktiviert für Alle (Disabled for All): Completely deactivates the connection.

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