Data Feed - PrestaShop

Prestashop data feeds have always the same structure:

https://{yourdomain}/modules/doofinder/feed.php?currency={currency}&language={language}&dfsec_hash={your API key}

Check this example:

You can add as many search engines as you want, including the URL mentioned above, only changing currency and language parameters.

Data Feed Configuration

In the 'Store' tab of your module, you will find the Data feed section. You can configure it by enabling or disabling the following options:

Data feed options Prestashop
  • Index product prices: Include or exclude the prices of each product in the search results.
  • Show product prices including taxes: The price of the products to be displayed will include taxes.
  • Index the full path of the product category: Export only main category of product in the feed. For instance: Women > Tops > T-shirts or only T-shirts
  • Index product attribute combinations:
  • Disabled: Include only "parents" products in the feed.
  • Enabled: Define which combinations of product attributes you want to index.
  • Index customized product features.: If enabled, select features will be shown in feed.
  • Product Image Size: Choose the folder from which the image link will be generated.
  • Automatically process product changes: Configure when registered product changes are sent to Doofinder. E.g.: Every 90 minutes, every 60 minutes, etc.

📌 Note: Remember that if you make any modifications in this section, you need to process the feed in your Doofinder Admin panel, Search engines > Settings > Indices and click on the 'Process Now' button.