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How Often Does Doofinder Index The Product Feed?

By default, Doofinder indexes product data on a daily basis when the automatic option is enabled.

However, this feature allows you to schedule the index tasks as a CRON. The system utility cron can be used to schedule programs to run automatically at predetermined intervals. In this case, you can choose between indexing your feed once a day, periodically, configuring a time interval between index or scheduling specific timing (maximum six times a day).

This feature is not supported if indexing via API.

How To Configure Indexing Options

To access these options, please go to your Admin Panel, Search Engine > Settings > Indices and click on 'Configuration'.

Indexing Options

A side window will appear with the available time interval options:

  • Index my data every day: This is the default selection. Doofinder will continue to index the product data daily.

  • Index periodically every …. hours: Enter the number of hours for the desired time interval.

  • Index at specific times: select this option to enter the: hour, minute, day of the week and day of the month according to the 'User timezone' configured in your profile section, Account > User> Profile. To add more than one specific time, click on 'Ádd a specific time' as needed.

index at specific times

Once you have scheduled your indexing task, click 'Save'.

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