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Account And Billing

Do you have questions about our plans or subscription? Find the answers here.

Manage Account & Subscription

Explore details about your account and billing. Manage your plan, payment method and monthly requests. View graphs showing your daily usage and total consumption of requests.

Available Plans

Take a look at our plans and choose one based on the number of requests consumed and the features included. Decide between Basic, Pro, Enterprise, or tailor-made plans.

Billing & Payment Information

Understand your billing, know which information fields to fill out, find your invoice, and select or modify your payment method.

Non Stop Service

Activate the automatic purchase of query packs to ensure uninterrupted service, so your search engine remains available even during peak times when demand can exceed your plan and requests limit.

Add a Query Pack

Find how to add a query pack to your account, including prices for each plan, activation details, and payment option.

User Profile

Update the information associated with your user profile, choose the notifications you would like to recieve, change your password, and use sortcuts to access User features.

API Keys

Learn about API Keys to perform search API requests, perform management API requests, and use them for your search engines.

Team Management

Manage your Team Members, who will have predefined roles and access to your account. Learn about the types of roles, areas of access, permissions, and how to altering or deleting a member.

Account Usage

Interpret the Usage section of your account to track and compare detailed information on your daily consumption of requests across all your search engines and the details of your purchased packs.