Setup Wizard Did Not Work - Prestashop

Installation Steps for Manual Installation - Prestashop

Considering you have installed the Doofinder module and after trying to run the Setup Wizard it didn’t work, you can manually install the module.

Step 1

Go to your Prestashop account, and search for “Doofinder” on the Module Manager. Click on “Configure” to start the process.

An “Onboarding” tab will open. You’ll need to scroll down until you see “I want to skip the auto-installer, take me to the module manual configuration”. Click this option.

Once inside the Doofinder module, you will see a tab called “Store”.

Once there, you should enable the following options under the Data Feed section. Don’t forget to hit “Save Data Feed Options” button.

🗒 Note: If you have multiple stores, make sure to be inside the one you need to set up Doofinder.

Step 2

Now go to the Support tab. Click on the “Enable advanced module tab options” link. This will trigger a third tab in Prestashop. A new tab named “Advanced” will appear. Click on it to enter.

If you check the example screenshot below, you will notice that in the Advanced tab you will need to fill in the following boxes:

  • Doofinder API Key: can be found in your Doofinder profile> API Key> copy the one already there generated or you can also create a new one if you like.
  • Region: just check the first 3 characters of your API key, it should be eu1 or us1.
  • Enable the V9 layer (Livelayer).

Always hit “Save Internal Search Options” after the changes.

You will notice also that there are some auto-generated URLs, keep in mind this part, you should use this URL in Step 3 (we will let you know when), and must be the one URL corresponding to your web language: Data feed URL for [...].

Step 3

Now you should go to your Doofinder Admin Panel and create a new store for Prestashop, where you will be asked to answer a few questions.

First, add your store URL. Doofinder will automatically detect that your site is a Prestahsop. Although the “Prestashop” option will be automatically selected and the setup wizard requirement will be shown, please open the dropdown menu in any case and leave the question of ‘What platform are you using?’ as “Other”, and click “Continue”.*

On the next pop-up window, you can choose a different name for your store (this won't alter the URL from the previous pop-up), choose the language, currency, and sector (otherwise, you can leave the default option):

Finally, choose to index your store with a File Feed, and from the “What kind of information are you going to store?” question, please make sure to select “Products sold in a store” from the dropdown menu.

Next, enter the URL, mentioned in Step 2, from the Prestashop Advanced tab: copy the Data feed URL for [...] corresponding to your web language.

For more information about the CSS Selector, click on this help doc

Now create the store.

Step 4

Now back in Prestashop, you will have to fill in the “Search Layer” section, under the Store tab.

The Search Layer section options must be both enabled. The store ID can be found under your newly created Store in Doofinder, under Settings > Store ID. Make sure to hit “Save Layer Widget Options”.

Step 5

Finally, we need to configure the Hooks. On your Prestashop side menu, go to Design > Positions > Transplant a Module.

On “Module” type "Doofinder", and then on the “Transplant To” section select the hook available where Prestashop allows you to introduce the HTML code on your Prestashop theme. This hook is usually the header in most of the cases.


If the Doofinder layer isn’t showing, there are a few things to be checked.

Script Not In The HTML

  • One of the first things you should check is if you can observe the Doofinder script under your HTML. Go to your website, press CTRL + U, and search for Doofinder in the HTML. We are looking for the script as it is in your store settings, see example:
  • No Doofinder Script? Try cleaning your Prestashop Cache and check it again.

Console Errors

In your web, use the inspector: do a right-click > Inspect> Console and check for errors like:

  • Forbidden access: that means that the URL from Prestashop has to be authorized in the security tab in Doofinder. See example:

Under "Authorized Domains", add your store URL and authorize it.

If the error persists, please contact our Support Team from your Admin Panel under the Help Section.