My feed is not indexing correctly


In this plugin the REST authentication Password creation is blocked by this option: Disable Wordpress application passwords.

Please go to Wordfence> Firewall > All firewall options > Disable WordPress application passwords. You have to uncheck the box and save, for us to have access.

disable wordfence

To reset credentials, go to the doofinder plugin, General Settings and click on the "Reset credentials" button at the bottom right.

reset credentials

Once done, go to your Doofinder Admin > Search Engines > Settings > Indices and click on the 'Process Now' button.

process feed

Doofinder IP addresses:

  • Europe:
  • USA:

DEPRECATED / OLD versions of the plugin

In case you are using an old version of the WooCommerce or WordPress plugin you will have to go to the plugin settings, then to go to 'Indexing' and click on CANCEL, RESUME and then 'Reindex All'.

📌 Note: Old plugins require you to not leave the page until the process finishes, ensuring all data is properly indexed. We strongly recommend updating to the most up-to-date version of the plugin possible based on your system.

reindex all in woocommerce