Billing & Payment Information

Understanding your billing

These are the information fields you need to fill in order to get your invoice correctly.

Contact Details: Contact person within the company to whom the invoices should reach:

  • Name
  • Last name
  • Email

Billing Information: Invoicing information of the company subscribing to the product:

  • Country
  • State/Province
  • Client type
  • Zip/Postal code
  • City
  • Company/Organization name
  • Address
  • APT/Suite
  • VAT ID: If your VAT ID does not validate, write it in the Company Name field.

If you have a VAT or billing issue, please contact with the Billing department through our [contact form](

Where can you find your invoice?

Go to your Admin > Account > General > Payments & Invoices. Here you will find all the charges associated with your account.

You can also select the invoice you wish to download from the list by clicking on Download PDF.

payment history

It is possible to add members to your Team with a 'Billing Role'. This role will allow designated members to access only the Account section to view and pay invoices, as well as change plans. You will find more information about this role in the article 'Team Members'.

How to change your billing information

Go to your Admin > Account > General > Billing Information and click Edit Billing Information.

Changes will be reflected in the next billing cycle. If you need to modify an old invoice, please contact our Billing Department through our contact form.

Billing Information

Payment methods

Doofinder accepts Credit Card payments, PayPal and Direct debit as payments methods if you are SEPA. You can select your form of payment at the time you create your account.

🗒️ Note:Payment restrictions may apply depending on the country of origin.

How to modify your payment method

For an active subscription, if you wish to change your payment method, go to your Admin > Account > General > Billing Information and click on Edit Payment Method.

edit payment details

You can now enter the new payment information and click 'Save'.

modify payment method

If you want to cancel your subscription and delete the payment method, simply cancel the subscription, and the payment method will be removed.

Please note that removing a payment method without adding a new one is not possible during an active subscription.

If you need further assistance with payments, or you are experiencing a billing issue, email our Billing Department through our contact form.

One-time Payment Method

If for some reason you have a past due invoice and you want to prevent your subscription from being cancelled, or you want to reactivate your subscription after it has been cancelled, you need to pay the overdue invoice.

To access your invoice, you must go to Account > General > Payments and Invoices. A 'Pay Invoice' option will appear that allows instant payment of the invoice via Paypal or Credit Card without the need for you to change your original payment method set in Billing Information.

one-time payment method

When to use One-time payment option?

We offer different scenarios for the use of this service:

Unpaid Invoice + Subscription Not Cancelled

If you have selected GoCardless as your payment method, you will find the 'Pay Invoice' option in Payments and Invoices. This process allows you to make payment for the invoice only.

If you have chosen PayPal or Stripe as your payment method, you will see the 'Retry Payment' option in Payments and Invoices.

Unpaid Invoice + Subscription Cancelled

Regardless of the chosen payment method, the 'Pay Invoice' option will be visible in Payments and Invoices. By using this process, you can settle the invoice, and if the cancelled plan is not a legacy plan, the subscription will be reactivated, using the payment method from the 'Pay Invoice' process as the new method of payment.