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Manage Account & Subscription

Under the Account Section of your Admin panel, you can find information about your account. This includes a description of your plan, your billing date, and your usage information.

In the right-hand section, you can see a graph that shows the requests consumed during the current period. This will be useful in determining if you should make a switch to another plan, based on your usage of requests.

Once inside, this is how your screen looks like:

overview panel

Pricing And Subscription

To discuss pricing/subscription please contact Customer Success through our contact form. If needed, just log in to your Doofinder admin dashboard. Click on 'Help' in the top blue bar, then select 'Contact our Support Team'.

You can find our current plans here.

Manage Your Subscription

If you are new to Doofinder and have not yet been contacted by one of our sales reps, please click here to get in touch with us!

On this page you will find details on how and where to manage your subscription. Managing your subscription is very simple. If you are new to Doofinder, you can sign up for an account – Free trial. If your trial period has expired, you can go to your Admin > Account > General > Plan and select the desired plan.

available plans

  1. Take a look at your current Plan.
  2. Select your plan: Basic, Pro or Enterprise.
  3. Click to choose the amount of requests needed.
  4. Verify your plan selection and subscribe.

After choosing your plan and clicking on the 'Subscribe' button, fill in your contact details, billing information and payment method.

fill in your details

If you are based in EU, the VAT number is validated with the VIES. Once validated, we will know if the tax deduction applies. If you encounter any problems with VAT registration, please contact with the Sales department through our contact form .

Choose the form of payment, complete the details and continue.

checkout payment

Remember that, once subscribed, there is no minimum length of stay and no notice period is required for cancellation. The billing period begins at the time of subscription and is renewed every 30 days for monthly billing and every year for annual billing.

The billing date is set at the time the plan is created. This will be the reference date for billing your periods.

How to Change Your Plan

You can update your plan very easily by going to your Admin > Account > General > Plan.

  1. Check your actual plan details (e.g.: Basic + 50.000 Requests per month)
  2. Click on 'Requests' if you only need to modify the amount of requests per month and want to keep the same features.
  3. Select a different plan, if you want to include more features.
  4. Click on 'Update Plan' or 'Contact sales' at the top, if you wish another plan with more features and/or requests per month.

upgrade plan

Upgrade Plan

We consider different scenarios to suit your business needs:

If you select a higher plan, say you have a basic monthly plan, and you decide to change it for a Pro monthly plan in the middle of the month, you will be charged half a month of the new Pro plan and the unused proportional part of your old plan will be deducted.

This logic also applies to annual billing plans.

Monthly to annual plan:

You may also want to change from a monthly plan to an annual plan. In this case, you will be charged for 11 months of your new annual plan plus the corresponding difference of the remaining days of the current month, if applicable. The date of your last payment will be considered the starting date of your new annual plan.

Let's suppose you started with Doofinder on January 5th with a monthly plan and on January 21st you want to switch to an annual plan, in this case you will be charged for the remaining 11 months until January 5th of the following year, plus the remaining days of the current month of January 22nd to 31st.

Increase of requests number:

If you wish to increase the number of requests of your current plan, you will be charged the difference in rate between your current plan and the new rate selected.

Downgrade Plan

If you select a lower plan, or change your current plan from annual to monthly (keeping the same number of requests), the change will be reflected on your next renewal date.

You won't receive a credit invoice and no refund policy applies.

Cancel Downgrade

If you've mistakenly subscribed to a wrong plan, please click on "Cancel schedulled plan modification" as detailed on the below picture.

cancel your Downgrade

In the overview section you can also find the details:

cancel your Downgrade

Change From An Annual Plan To A Monthly Plan

This change will take effect at the end of the annual plan.

How To Cancel Your Subscription

If you wish to cancel your subscription, go to Account > General > Plan and simply click on the red link at the bottom 'Cancel my subscription' and follow the cancellation flow.

cancel your subscription

Click on the drop-down menu to tell us why you want to cancel your subscription and leave a message, if possible, to help us improve.

select a cancellation reason
cancellation process

Now, click on Cancel subscription and you are done. The cancellation becomes effective at the next renewal date. Once cancelled, your contracted service will remain active until the renewal date, after which it will continue on our freemium plan.

finish the cancellation process

In case of cancellation, no partial refunds apply. The full month/year will be invoiced.

Cancel Subscription With Shopify Billing

If you are using SHOPIFY billing, you need to cancel the service from your shopify and uninstall the doofinder app.

If you need further assistance with payments, or you are experiencing a billing issue, email our Billing Department through our contact form. If needed, simply log in to your Doofinder admin panel. Click on "Help" in the top blue bar, then select "Contact our Support Team".

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