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Security Settings

To prevent unauthorized domains from using your search engines, access is restricted by default so only whitelisted domains can use them.

Authorized Domains

Doofinder uses CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) to protect your search engines. This means that only whitelisted domains can perform requests client-side to your search engines.

To configure which domains you want to grant client-side access to a search engine you have to access Search Engines > Settings > Security section in your Admin for that search engine.

security settings

Doofinder enables your main domain by default and * too so you can use search from the Control Panel. That's why you usually have to do nothing to have your Doofinder layer working in your own site.

Say you own a search engine for an e-commerce website accessible at In the Security screen you will probably see how * is whitelisted inside Allowed Domains.

If you want your users to search in from another site, for instance you will have to authorize that domain by adding a new entry to Allowed Domains. Just enter and save.

How Patterns Work

Websites use domain names, and domain names have subdomains: is a subdomain of

To prevent big lists of authorized domains you can use patterns with wildcards to match, for instance, any subdomain of a domain.

Say you have also a blog accessible at You can grant access to your search engine from both www and blog by using a wildcard: *

If you have inner subdomains, you can repeat the pattern:

If you use your search layer in different pages with multiple inner subdomains, you can match all of them with the double asterisk wildcard (**) like in: **

Blocked IPs

There is another option available for security configuration: Blocked IPs. This allows you to specify IPs or entire IP ranges (using [network notation[( to explicitly forbid access to your Search Engine.

This is useful to prevent Bots attacks from public IPs. It will also allow you to easily stop any puntual attack from a specific IP if it ever happen.

Remember to review blocked IPs frequently because IPs in Internet change so you may be blocking a valid IP at some time.

Now go ahead and drive safe!

Bot Attacks

What are bot attacks? Bot attacks are an increasing number of visits to your website performed by robots, which are abnormally higher compared to a real person's visit. When it comes to humans, we’re talking about 5 to 10-page clicks, while a bot can produce hundreds or more visits in a short period of time.

Please note that not all bots are bad, especially those originating from larger search engines such as Google, which provides positive customer referrals. Those that come from smaller entities are the root cause of the problem since they are more frequent, poor in value, and because they are looking for rapid growth for their database. In sum, they are feeding from your data and are not returning any referrals.

If you would like to know how to prevent it, please check the Security Section of our FAQs.

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