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Managing Data

Product Feed, Indexing Options and Search Suggestions: find all about it here.

The Product Data Feed

Product Feed, Indexing Options and Search Suggestions: find all about it here.

How To Index Your Feed

Manage to upload, process, and index your feed with our Search Engine to make your products searchable for users.


Create Multi-Indices to separate types of results from different indexes in the search Layer, using plugins or manual configurations.

Indexing Options

Schedule your indexes at times that suit you best, whether it's once a day, up to six times daily, or at specific times during the week.

Add Languages & Currencies

Add languages and currencies to your Search Engine and link it to your Store using your preferred indexing option.

Manage Multiple Currencies In CMS

Seamlessly integrate multiple currencies into the Doofinder search functionality within your custom CMS platform. Find the guide and script configuration here.

Field Aliases

Instruct Doofinder to map a field in cases where the data feed has different field names than Doofinder's default settings.

Grouping Product Variants

Product variants that share the same basic set of attributes can enhance search results by grouping them. Group them as a single item, by group_id, or as group leader.

Paginated Data Feed

Activate your Feed Pagination for your server to run smoothly and effectively, and maintain your website's peak performance.

Search Suggestions

Take advantage of Suggestions to provide a better search experience by typying less and finding results quicker.

Security Settings

Prevent unauthorized domains from using your search engines. Authorize domains, block IPs, and identify bot attacks.