Installation Steps - JTL

To begin the installation process, you need to go to your Doofinder Admin panel to create your store. If this is a first-time installation, a pop-will appear to enter the following information, if not, click on your store name and 'Create Store'.

create a store

1.Type the URL of your website.

2.Enter the platform you are using or select JTL from the dropdown menu.

If the plugin is not yet installed, purchase it in the JTL Extension Store for free.

enter the information

3.Go to your JTL backend to install the plugin under "my purchases".

install the plugin

4.Next, enable it under "Plug-in Manager". Go to disabled, find Doofinder, select the checkbox and click enable.

enable the plugin

Plugin Configuration

5.Now that the plugin is installed and active, you need to configure it. To configure the plugin, go to Plugin Manager > Active tab and click on the wheel icon.

go to plugin manager

6.Then, return to the Doofinder Admin and create a 'Store' by choosing the 'Others' option as the platform. Create a store by clicking on the blue navbar at the top and selecting 'Create Store.'

select store
create store

7.Continue the process by selecting the language, currency, and sector.

complete store data

8.Then, opt for API as the indexing option and enter your CSS selector. If you are unsure about your CSS selector, refer to this documentation for guidance.

choose api indexing
end store

9.A new screen will appear in the dashboard tab, click on the Einstellungen to configure the plugin.

configure the plugin

10.Next, you need to enter the following information:

  • API Key: Your API key can be found in the Doofinder Admin Panel. Click on your profile Icon (in the header) and then on API Tokens.
  • Doofinder User ID: You need a user ID so that your search is displayed in the JTL shop. If this is not stored, no API requests can be executed (create a search engine, synchronize articles, ...). You can find these in the Doofinder Admin in your profile under API Tokens
  • Suche verwenden: set to JA.
  • Native Suche verwenden: set to JA.
  • Layer Art: Live Layer (V9).
complete the information

Then, save.

Connect Your Stores

Most likely, you have different customer groups in your JTL under 'Kundengruppe'. To make sure Doofinder runs smoothly, create a separate store in Doofinder Admin for each customer group in JTL. Then link them in the JTL backend.

To connect them, in your JTL backend, navigate to Stores and input the relevant STORE ID from Doofinder Admin along with the corresponding client group. Repeat this process until all STORE/CLIENT GROUP pairings are established.

complete the information

Connect Search Engines

11.Now you have to connect the search engine, so go to the 'Searchengines' tab, select the corresponding search engine and click on 'verknüpfen' to connect it and get your Hash ID. This ID is used to synchronise your website with its associated business rules and data feed.

connect your search engine

12.When you click on verknüpfen, the page reloads and a green tick appears. Next to the "Overview" button, you'll see the search engine you have connected (in this case Doofinder Testshop Deutsch/Endkunden/EUR). Click there to go to the 'Index your data' section.

see the tick

Index Your Data

13.Before indexing your data, you must indicate whether you are going to include product variations or not. To do this, do the following searchengines > bearbeiten.

14.Go to kinder exportieren and choose between the three options:

  • nur vaterartikel (father items only)
  • beides (both) If you want to index them, select both.
  • nur kinder (children only)
export variations

15.Once this is done, click on konfiguation speichern to save the configuration. Then, next to it select Artikel hochladen to upload the products.

upload the products

16.Now, go to the Synch tab. To activate the API indexing, click on the green button as many times as necessary until the circle turns completely green, as in the image below. You may also need to click on the status actualizieren button from time to time to refresh the process until it is finished.

activate API indexing

The reindex can also be triggered by calling the reindex URL. A cron job should be set up on the reindex URL to keep the articles up to date.

Last Step

Finally, go back to your Doofinder Admin, log out and log back in to refresh the information. You will see your store created with its corresponding search engine and layer. You are ready to go!