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Installation Steps - PrestaShop

1.To begin the installation process, login to your PrestaShop account.

2.On the Dashboard, go to Modules and select the Modules Manager.

3.In the top right corner, select the Upload a Module button, from which a pop-up page will appear, prompting you to drag the module file there or select the file.

Remember, you'll need to get the Doofinder plugin from PrestaShop's official Addons Marketplace or get the plugin from our Github repository. Download the .zip file and save it on your computer to be accessed later.

4.In the 'select the file' option, find the .zip file you downloaded earlier on, select and upload it.

5.You can click on the Configure button or close the pop-up window and go to the Module Manager to find the Doofinder module you just downloaded and click on "Configure". Both ways are valid.

configure the plugin

You will then be asked to log in to your existing Doofinder account or, if you do not have one, to sign up for one.

log in or create an account

A setup wizard will appear and will run for some seconds, creating the search engines for all the languages and currencies you have set in your data feed.

setup wizard


Once the plugin is installed, this is how the module screen will look like. You have two tabs: STORE and SUPPORT. Let's take a look at the STORE tab which is divided into three sections:

  • Administration Panel: You have direct access to the Doofinder administration panel so that you can explore all the functionalities that will help you to increase your sales.
  • Data Feed: From here you can enable/disable different options to configure the behaviour of the data feed.
  • Search Layer: You can disable your desktop and/or mobile layer by enabling/disabling the options. By default, these options are enabled.
Store tab Prestashop

Now, let's take a look at the SUPPORT tab. Again, you will be able to access the Doofinder Admin panel, and you will find useful links from our support website that will help you to improve the tool.

Support tab Prestashop


The script is generated automatically during the installation process.

Search Engine

It is automatically created for all the languages and currencies you have set in your data feed.

In Doofinder you can have multiple search engines for the same website, but each search engine can index its own language, so if your shop has two languages configured, and you want to use Doofinder in both languages you will have to create two search engines in the administration panel of the Doofinder site.


The full screen Live Layer will be enabled by default, on desktop and mobile. If you want to create a new layer, see this document 'Create a Layer'.

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