Images Not Showing - PrestaShop

If your images are not showing correctly, it can be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The product image size is not selected.
  • Products don't have an image marked as cover.

Select Image Size

The images are generated from the size selected in the module configuration, for example: large_default. You will have these options (or more) available to select the product image size:

  • cart_default
  • home_default
  • large_default
  • medium_default
  • small_default

It is important to choose a size that contains all images in order to be indexed correctly. To do so, go to the plugin configuration in your Prestashop Admin, Store tab > Data Feed Section.

select image size

Select Image As Cover

Make sure that all products have an image marked as "Cover Image". If products do not have an image marked as a cover, the image URL is generated without an ID and this leads to images not being displayed.

select cover image

Image URL

A correct image URL, including ID and size, would be:

Once you have verified your images are OK, re-index the feed manually in the Admin Panel > Search Engines > Settings > Indices > Process Now.