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Multi-Index Layer - Shopify

Shopify stores are able to create the different indexes for collections, blog posts and pages automatically from Doofinder admin.

Multi index layer example

How To Configure Multi-Index Layer In Shopify

Before creating the layer, you need to configure the different indexes.

1.Go to Search Engines > Settings > Indices and click on the configuration wheel icon at the top right.

2.Enable the 'Advanced Indices Configuration' option and save.

enable Multi-index layer

3.Since you are using a Shopify store, some additional options for creating an index will appear:

  • Collections
  • Pages
  • Blog posts
save multi inde

4.Activate the desired indexes by enabling them and click on "Save".

5.When all indexes have been created automatically, click on the "Process now" button to start the indexing process.

process the feed

Now you can configure the layer as described in this documentation,.

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