Most Popular FAQs

Queries vs Searches

Queries are the precise requests to the server from which Doofinder returns results. A search consists of several queries. The first query occurs after the user enters the third character until they finish typing. Searches are basically the result of the process of a finding.

If I reach the query limit, how can I reactivate Doofinder?

If you pay through Paypal or a credit card, you can upgrade your plan or buy a Query Pack immediately from your admin panel.

I bought a pack; how long does it take to be active again?

The reactivation of the service is immediate. If you cannot see Doofinder working on your site, empty the browser’s cache, and Doofinder will be reactivated.

How is the "conversion rate“ calculated?

Once the user starts searching, a search session is opened. If the customer purchases in the next 24 hours, a checkout is registered. The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of checkouts by the number of search sessions.

Doofinder does not provide this data since it does not capture the user’s ID or the cart. It only measures the ratio between checkouts and search sessions.

How much notice period is necessary to unsubscribe from Doofinder?

Please send an email to our Billing department through our contact form. The cancellation becomes effective at the next renewal date. Once cancelled, your contracted service will remain active until the renewal date, after which it will continue on our freemium plan.

I have subscribed to a plan; how long does it take to be active again?

The activation of the service is immediate. If you proceed without seeing Doofinder running on your website, empty the browser’s cache, and it will be activated.

My website requires access credentials.

You can include the access credentials in the URL of the feed so that it can be indexed, for example:

http: // usr: psw @ server / Tests

You can also include our IPs so that those credentials are not required. They are:



What’s doofinder user agent?

Doofinder/4.0 (+

Why does the value of my search box appear in Statistics?

This text may be entered in your search box as “value” and not as a “placeholder”. This can cause searches to be performed with that value. To avoid this, the text should be introduced as a “placeholder”.

Is it necessary to use your modules to implement Doofinder?

No, it is not necessary. If you have a product data feed, e.g. Google Shopping, that’s enough to get you started.

We couldn’t check the plugin due to a connection error.

Check that you’ve installed the plugin correctly and try again.

Doofinder tries to check the plugin installation by a URL. If Doofinder cannot access the plugin, the guided configuration can continue. Just select the “other eCommerce” option as a platform and proceed with the configuration.

Products are displayed without VAT in WooCommerce.

Doofinder indexes your data feed on servers located in Ireland and the USA. You need to change your taxes configuration here: WooCommerce > Settings > Tax > Calculate tax based on: Shop base address.

Doofinder Cookies

Doofinder’s v7 does not include cookies in the customers’ sites.