The Admin Panel

Inside your Admin panel you can manage from stores, search engines and business rules to your account, settings, statistics and much more.

Navigation is easy and intuitive. Once logged in, you will find on the left side a side menu with information about your Store, Search Engines and Layers. In the top blue bar, you can see the name of the store you are in and also access your account and profile details.

Admin Panel view

Let’s navigate the Menu!

To make it easier for you, we have divided the menu into four areas.

  1. Account
  2. Store
  3. Search Engines
  4. Layers
Admin Panel Areas

1. Account

In this section you can access your account details, billing information, current plan, payments & invoices, and user profile details.

Simply click on "Account" in the blue top bar.

Account panel

You are now inside your account section. To view your profile details, you can click on the user icon at the top right or in the side menu.

view your profile details
Profile details

To go back to the Admin panel, click o Admin. If you want to log out, click on the user icon and then log out.

click on user icon

  • Find more information about the User Profile in this article.

2. Store

When you install Doofinder, you create a Store. To see the store you are in, just take a look at the top blue bar, and there you will find the information. If you click on it, you will be able to see your list of stores or even create a new one.

create a store

Under "Store Settings", you will find important information related to your store, such as your Store ID and your Installation Script.

In this section, you can edit the store name and sector, manage some basic configurations of your layers, add your Google Analytics account and delete a store.

Store settings section

3. Search Engines

In this section of the menu, you will find many of Doofinder's features that will help you customize your search. But first, view the search engine you are currently in or create a new one by simply clicking on its name.

Search engines section

Let's take a look at the categories found in the Search Engine's menu. From here you can access your Playground, Stats, Business Rules, Recommendations and Settings.

access your features

4. Layers

In this section, you can select your Layer or create a new one by clicking on its name. Also, you can access the layer general settings, customize its appearance and add a language translation.

Layers section