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What Is Doofinder?

Welcome to Doofinder! Learn some basics and get started. Doofinder is a smart site search engine based on artificial intelligence that helps online shops sell more by improving the search experience for users and potential customers.

Explore our Doofinder Glossary to familiarize yourself with our terminology and vocabulary.

How Does Doofinder Work?

Doofinder displays results quickly so that customers can find what they're looking for without leaving your homepage. Our smart technology is predictive, dynamic, fast, and intuitive. It also learns from the behavior of online consumers.

Doofinder is really easy to use, as it can be quickly and easily integrated with any web or e-commerce solution. Once installed, it provides results much faster than other conventional search engines.

Thanks to its NLP technology, it can understand what consumers are looking for by identifying synonyms and filtering out typos. It can also predict what they want to search and suggest the best results.

Why Is Doofinder Good For Your Business?

Having a good internal search engine is crucial for your online business. Doofinder will increase the conversion rate of your online shop and boost your sales by 20%, allowing you to take control of your growth with a site search tailored to your needs. You can personalize your search, promote specific products and brands, use statistical data to plan product campaigns, and more.

Doofinder Structure

When Doofinder is installed, a STORE is created in our Admin Panel. This store will have a name, a Store ID (identifier), a related URL to your shop, a business sector to which it belongs, its different languages and currencies that will be its search engines; and it will use a UNIQUE script, with a predefined design (layer), for all those search engines.

When creating an account on Doofinder, we can have a single Store or several. This will depend on our business structure and needs. Doofinder recommends the following structure models for the optimal use of its search engine:

Account With One Store

The number of Search Engines may vary depending on the existing languages and currencies.

Doofinder structure

Account Multi-Store

The number of shops may vary depending on the existing domains. The number of Search Engines may vary depending on the existing languages and currencies.

Doofinder multi-store structure

What Is A "Store"?

The store that is created in the Doofinder Admin is related to your main web domain. It hosts all the functionalities and features that Doofinder offers. You can have more than one store when you have different domains, with their own characteristics. When entering the Admin panel, you need to select the store you want to work with, if you have more than one.

When you install Doofinder for the first time, a default store is created with its corresponding search engine. If you want to add a new one, you have to click on the top blue navigation bar where the name of the store is and then click on the "Create store" button; enter the URL of your website; indicate the platform you use; choose a name, language, currency and sector; select how you want to index your data; enter a CSS selector and click on create. During indexing, a script will pop up that you will need to copy and paste into your website.

Each store will have an identifier code, also known as 'Installation ID' and a unique 'Script'. All information related to the configuration of your store can be found under Store Settings.

What Is The "Search Engine"?

The search engine is the software that helps your customers to find the products they are looking for on your website using words, codes, etc. It is fed from your data feed, where all the information about the products in your shop is stored. It contains a name, a language and a currency that define it. The number of search engines in your store will vary depending on the number of currencies and languages you have (see drawing).

The search engine is where your product data is managed, so many of the business rules apply at this level. Each search engine has an identifier code, called 'Hash ID'. This ID is used to synchronise your website with its associated business rules and data feed.

A store can have several search engines configured to define different languages and currencies. Under store settings, you can specify which search engine to use by default. To create a new search engine, go to Search Engines and click on 'Create Search Engine'. Type a name, select how to index, choose a language and click on create.

To view, edit or delete a search engine information, go to Search Engines > Settings > General.

What Is The "Layer"?

The layer is where a user's search results are managed. It is an HTML designed layer that displays results as the user types into your site's search form. These results are based on the product data feed that supplies your search engine.

There are different types of layers that can be stored in your Admin, but you can only have one active at a time. Each type of layer offers a unique design to optimise the user experience. From the admin, you can customise your layer to match your brand style and to fit desktop and mobile devices.

To create a new layer, go to Layers > Create layer, type a name, choose a type and create. In 'Store settings' you can choose which layer to enable in your store.

Lear how to create a layer.

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