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Installation Steps - Shopify

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account and download the Doofinder application from the Marketplace. Inside your Shopify account, click on the search bar to open the search widget, or press CMD (⌘) + K on a Mac keyboard, or SHIFT (↑) + K on a Windows keyboard to start the search.

Log in your shopify account

Step 2: Look for "Doofinder" and click on it.

look for doofinder plugin

Step 3: Click on 'Install'.

add app

Step 4: Next, click on 'Install'.

install app


Step 5: Once installed, you can find your Doofinder module in your Shopify Panel > Apps and click on Doofinder.

post installation shopify

From here, you can access your Doofinder Admin panel, enable/disable your Doofinder search bar, activate/deactivate the update on save option, select the size of the images to display in the layer and enable/disable the metafields indexing option.

Doofinder Administration Panel

Access the Doofinder admin panel and discover all the functionalities to increase your sales.

Enable/Disable the Doofinder Search Layer.

Update On Save

Syncronise your shop products in real time.

Image Settings

Select the size of the images to display on the layer. Once the size has been change you need to reindex the products in Doofinder.


Enable/Disable indexation of metafields. Once the indexation of metafields has been enabled, you need to reindex the products in Doofinder.


The module configuration is automatic. Doofinder's search bar is activated by default. You can disable it by clicking on the 'Disable Doofinder search bar' button.

Access your Doofinder Admin Panel here and you will be able to login with the shopify social login.

In addition, you can enable/disable the option to update on save from within the application. Note that if you disable the update on save, you will consume fewer requests.


The script is generated automatically during the installation process.

Search Engine Creation

The Search Engine is automatically created.


The Fullscreen Live Layer will be enabled by default, on desktop and mobile. If you want to create a new layer, see this document 'Create a Layer'.

Doofinder doesn't generate a search bar in your theme; it needs to be hooked to an existing one.

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