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Account Usage

Usage data of your Search Engines is available in your account 'Usage section'. To access it, you need to go to Account > General > Usage.

From here you can see at a glance your consumption graph that will help you track how your month is going. You can also view your usage from previous months to make comparisons. To do so, simply click on the Previous - Next buttons.

Account Usage Overview

Requests are categorized as follows:

Search: When using the Doofinder layer, the number of actual queries from your users from the search box on your web page generate requests. Includes both layers and searches API requests.

API: Each time your feed is processed, either manually or automatically, requests are counted. This includes all indexing requests, whether a feed or API. Platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento2, Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware and JTL, can index in real time, using 'update on save', which also consumes requests. In addition, navigation within the Doofinder admin also generates requests, for example, within the statistics page.

Recommendations: Each time the recommendation carousel appears on a page, it is counted as 1 request.

Total: The sum of all of the above.

You can find more information about how requests are calculated in the article 'How are requests calculated?'.

Multiple Search Engines

If you have multiple search engines, you can filter the information by clicking on the dropdown menu.

select a search engine

Pack Usage

In here, you can view the list of your purchased packs, along with the date of purchase, origin (paid or free), total amount of requests, status graph, percentage used and details.

your packs usage overview

In the details, you can click on view usage, and you will see the percentage used per day from the date of purchase, until the package is used up. The consumption of the requests registered in the query pack corresponds to the previous day's usage. For example, on December, 8th, will be deducted the ones consumed on December, 7th.

pack per day

To learn how to add a query pack to your account, please visit this article.

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