Visual Search

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Visual search is a feature that allows you to search for content using images as inputs, instead of text. The user has the option to take a photo or upload an image to the Doofinder search engine, and find related content.

This functionality is based on artificial intelligence, which has managed to generate algorithms that include visual recognition. These algorithms have the ability to identify which elements appear in the photo uploaded by the user, compare them with the images indexed in its database and, if available, provide results with similar characteristics to those appearing in the image. The results shown are based primarily on shape and color.

One of the main advantages of visual search is the power of conversion. The purchase action in your ecommerce will be faster and easier, and the user will find the product in less time.

📌 Note: When the visual search feature is hired for the first time, the feed must be re-indexed in order to have the product images indexed correctly.

This feature is only available for enterprise plans. You can find in your Admin Panel > Layers > General Settings and select "Mobile", but to enable it, you contact Support through our contact form.

📌 Note: Visual Search is only available in mobile search and for desktop devices in fullscreen layer.

Enable visual search

You will find a "camera" icon within the mobile search input.

find the camera icon

Click on the icon to display the available options to upload the image.

click on the camera icon

Once uploaded, the most relevant results will be displayed.