Conversion Rate Configuration

One of the most valuable statistics you can get is the Conversion Rate, which is the percentage of users who perform a specific action. You can set up your search engine to count your customers' purchases to get the conversion rate.

How is Conversion Rate Calculated

Once the user initiates the search, a search session is opened. If the customer buys within 24 hours, a purchase is recorded. The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of purchases by the number of search sessions. That is, the number of sales over the number of users who have used the search engine.

To do this, we register an event when a user initiates the search. To record sales, you have to configure the url of the confirmation order.

How to Configure the Conversion Rate

Go to your Admin Panel > Search Engines > Stats and click on the "Configuration" link.

This is where you will configure your confirmation urls. Some rules about it:

  • Doofinder checks the match between the url that the user is visiting and the urls you have configured. So take care of no configuring urls like /confirmation-order?user_id=234, because you will only register sales for a user. Look at user_id argument.

  • You can put the exact url piece or use * . For instance, you can configure /confirmation-order/ or /confirmation-order/*/payment-method/credit-card. The * means that could there be whatever between confirmation-order/ and /payment-method.

  • Doofinder Script must be loaded in the confirmation order page. If it isn’t, no sale event we’ll be registered.

See the example below:

  • Every url with confirmation-order/ will match, and a sale will be registered.

  • Every url with new-order/payPal/ will match, and a sale will be registered.

  • Every url starting with order_id=, containing something else and continuing with /credit_card will match, and a sale will be registered.

How to Edit Url’s

You can add, modify or delete a URL by clicking on the 'Configuration' icon at the top pf the page. Just modify the text or click the trash icon to delete it. Always remember to save your changes.