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Product Recommendations

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You can use personalized product recommendations to encourage cross-selling and upselling within your store.

To recommend the most relevant products, Doofinder's recommendation model and algorithms are based on actual customer behavior. For this purpose, an artificial intelligence machine learning model is used, which dynamically learns what users visit together.

Product recommendations can be used for home and product pages. The recommendation model displays individual product recommendations based on products previously viewed by users with similar behavior through browsing and searching.

When you activate recommendations for the first time, the system will start learning from users' behavior. Once it has enough data collected, the recommendations will start to become even better and more personalized for the user.

For customers visiting your store for the first time, Doofinder recommends globally attractive products on the home page and similar product recommendations for the product pages.

💡 Dootip: Product Recommendations are not the same as the Query for recommended products used in the initial screen of your search. Find more information on Query for recommended products here.

How to activate Product Recommendations

To activate this feature, go to your Admin > Search Engines > Recommendations. Simply copy and paste the JavaScript code from the box into the corresponding area within your HTML code where you want the recommended products to be displayed:

You can enable/disable the Recommendations, without removing the JavaScript from your code, by checking the ‘Status’ box.

Also, indicate the number of products you want to show in the carousel. By default, 10 recommended products are displayed. You can increase or decrease this number to suit your needs.