Guided Search

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Guided search is a feature that helps users by applying filters to better segment results when a search returns many outcomes.

Using statistical calculations, this feature can actively and automatically determine the order in which filters should be displayed based on their effectiveness in segmenting results.

In addition, it provides visual support by associating each filter value with an automatically selected image of a product that corresponds to that value, which enhances the overall appeal.

Guided Search example

How are the images selected?

Each image from a category is obtained as follows: for each category, a request is made using the respective category's filter, and the image is taken from the first result of that search.

How to activate it?

To activate it, go to Layers > General Settings, enable the Guided Search option and save. The filter is displayed only in the search results sequence when there are more than 20 results for that search.

Note that it is not displayed, after searching the same query twice.

enable Guided Search

It is available for all layer types, including Multi-Index.

You can also translate the guided filter box elements such as "Need help?" and "Filter by" in Layers > Translations. For more info, click here.