Search Fields

With Doofinder you can configure and choose which fields your search engine should take into account when searching products and their importance with respect to the rest of the categories. This will be useful for your sales strategy, as it will help you control the criteria that your online store's search engine follows to offer results when a user performs a search.

📌 Note: These changes will affect the way the search engine will respond to searches made by users on your site, altering the products that are displayed.

To access the ‘Search Fields’ go to your Admin Panel, Search Engines > Settings > Search Fields.

add a search field

Which search fields to add

There are fields that are already included by default with their corresponding weight. But if you want to add more fields, just click on the Field drop-down menu, choose the field you want to add and give it a weight in relation to the other fields, with 10 being the highest value and 1 the lowest weight and click on the ‘+ Add’ button.

select the fields

In addition to the most frequent fields (brand, color or categories) there are other fields such as:

  • df_all: by selecting this field, we include in the search the content of all the fields of the data feed, enabling searches also in the rest of the fields not expressly selected. It is not optimized in any special way, so the search in this field may be less precise and should therefore be assigned a low weight. It is also responsible for allowing a perfect match on searches whose terms are in different fields.

  • gtin.light.explode and mpn.light.explode: this field allows the search engine to use parts of the reference number of a product to perform searches. Depending on the source of your feed data, you will have to use one or the other

  • title.autocomplete: as its name suggests, this field is specially designed to search based on parts of the title.

  • description: by default, it is not included in the Search Fields.

An important factor that influences the terms displayed is that the larger the content of a field in the index, the more irrelevant the terms within it become. That is, if the keyword, for example, is in the description, it will be less relevant than if it is in a shorter field. Let's say, Apple within a description field will be much less relevant than within the Brand or Title field.

Remember to Save changes each time you create or modify a field.

If the behavior of your browser is not as expected, you can always return to the initial settings by clicking the Reset button at the bottom of the screen.