All texts appearing in the layer that come from the product data feed can be translated. By default, Doofinder provides translations into the following languages:

  • Czech
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese

You may add another language or change a default translation in our ‘Translations’ section. Simply go to your Admin > Layers > Translations and click on ‘Add language’. For the translation to work correctly, you must verify that the language code selected in the Admin matches the HTML language code of your site.

For example, if your HTML language is ‘en’, you must select only the two-letter code as language (for example: en) and not en-UK.

Enter the the language code needed. Languages are identified by 2-letter codes with an optional 2-letter country code (like en, en-US, es, es-ES…).

📌 Note: The language code selected for translation must match the source HTML language code. If the html of your website is in lang="en", then you must select "en" for the translation.

Click on the ^ icon to expand the box and add your translated texts in the fields. You can click on "view all" to see all available fields, and also delete a translation by clicking on "delete language".

📌 Note: The texts of the translations are CASE SENSITIVE, therefore, the values shown in the layer must be written as they appear, respecting upper and lower case letters.

You can click on "view all" to see all available fields, and also delete a translation by clicking on "delete language".

Once finished, click on ‘Save’.

Filters Translation

All layer texts, which come from the feed, can be translated. This also includes ‘Filters’ text, but if you want to translate a 'Filter name', take a look at the tip below.

💡 Tip: The ‘Filters’ functionality is used to filter results based on the fields of your data feed. To change the name of the filter, you need to type a custom name for it. This is done in Filters configuration. To learn how to do this, click here

🧑‍🎓Learn by example:

For example, if you have configured the "Availability" filter label, and you want to translate the text "out of stock":


  • out of stock

As the word Availability is a filter label, you will have to change that word by going to the filters option. But, for "out of stock", you can translate it directly by adding it in the translation layer.

  1. Verify that your HTML language matches the language of your search engine and the language you add in the translation. (e.g.: es-MX).

  2. Add the text to translate 'out of stock' as it appears on your layer, respecting upper and lower case and save.

This will be the result: