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General Settings

The Live Layer can be customized for desktop and mobile devices, selecting the behavior that best suits your store.

To customize the layer, go to Layers > General Settings.

  • Layer name: You can edit the name of the layer if needed and click ‘Save’ to save the changes.

  • Characters to display results: Number of characters on the search box to start showing results. You can edit the number from here, default is 1.

  • Automatic filters: If enabled, some filters are automatically applied when a search is performed, so the user gets better results.

Desktop and Mobile Screens

The search is composed of an initial screen and a results screen. The initial screen appears when you first click on the search box without actually typing yet, and the results screen is displayed when you start typing text.

In order for the initial screen to work, it has to be enabled. You need to select Desktop and/or Mobile view to configure the screens and save your changes.

  • Suggestions: Display search suggestions on this screen.

  • Voice Search: Enables users to find results via voice recognition if the browser supports it.

  • Initial Screen: If enabled, this layer appears when you first click on the search box without actually typing yet.

  • Query for recommended products: Search term to be used to select the recommended products. If empty, the most popular ones will be displayed. (Desktop only).

💡 Dootip: You can apply a Custom Result in a 'Query for recommended products' and choose the first products that you want to appear in your layer when it opens. Click here to learn how to do it.

No results found message

You can write your own HTML to customize the message displayed when there are no results found in the results screen.

The use of the .df-no-results CSS class is recommended.

📌 Note: translations are not supported yet.

You can remove the layer by clicking on “Delete layer” at the bottom left of the screen.

Remember to click ‘Save’.