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Excluded Results

You can intentionally exclude the results from your search engine. You can exclude single items or many items at once based on certain filtering rules. Go to your Admin Panel > Business Rules > Excluded Results.

Excluding results by item

To exclude results by item, all you have to do is type in the specific product as it has been registered under the product data feed. Once it appears, press the add (+) button that appears on the right-hand side of the item listed.

📌 Note: The maximum amount of excluded results individually is 100.

The excluded item will appear on the right column as shown in the following image:

Excluding results by filters

If you opt to exclude by a filter, you must ensure that the specific filter already exists in the product data feed and has been configured as a facet in your facets section. It does not matter whether they are set as visible (shown on the layer) or not.

The filter could be based on brand, best price, colour, size or any other category as per your data feed.

Let’s say you need to filter all products appearing in your data feed by a specific brand. In the category drop-down section under filters:

1.Select the “brand” category.

2.Then choose the brand you want.

3.Click OK.

4.Select the ‘Add filter’ button.

5.The filtered item will automatically appear in the right-hand side column, just as it did with the items.

📌 Note: Your filters can be as specific or as general as you need.

Adding Conditions ‘and’ & ‘or’

Alternatively, you can use conditions when excluding results by filters.

Say you want to exclude results under two categories; brand and best price, such that all products under the specific brand and of a certain price are to be excluded.

To do this, select the first filter, such as filter by brand category.

Then at the bottom of the same column, select the +Add Condition button. This will allow you to select a second filter, such as best_price. Whereby you can then exclude the product(s) by brand and by specific best_price as needed.

The condition, in this case, is an ‘either or’ type of condition. such that should you select to filter ‘blue’ category and then add the condition of ‘green’ category, items under either green or blue category will be filtered conditionally.

Create an ‘AND’ condition:

If we use 2 filters with different attributes, an AND condition is automatically generated.

Create an ‘OR’ condition:

If we use 2 filters of the same attribute, an OR condition is automatically generated.

Once the filter has been created, you must click on the “Add filter” button.

See below two examples created using the AND & OR filter:

📌 Note: Excluding results by item and filter can be used together.