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With the aim of continuous improvement, we have been launching functionalities to improve different areas of the tool, from the search user experience to the info registered in statistics. All these features are active and working during the trial period in order to test them. Once the trial expires, and you become a customer, you can select them with your Basic, Pro or Enterprise Plan, to customize your search experience.

Basic Plan Pro Plan Enterprise Plan
Includes all features in Basic Plan, plus: Includes all features in Basic and Pro Plan, plus:

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Let's take a look at these features!

Search Suggestions

Suggestions bring highly relevant suggestive search results while the user is typing providing a better customer experience, as users can type less and find what they are looking for more quickly, which is really useful on mobile devices. These suggestions are based on the indexed data feed.

You can learn more about suggestions and how to activate them by reading the article 'Search Suggestions'.

Doofinder's mobile layer is fast, effective and 100% responsive. Offer your customers a seamless search experience full of relevant results at their fingertips. This feature also includes the convenience of voice search.

Deliver relevant results when your users search by voice on your e-commerce site. This way your clients can send the search query, similar to Google Voice Search, by speaking into the microphone. The voice search microphone shows up out of-the box by using the V7. Offer search suggestions, autocomplete and 'Maybe you meant' results. The search engine suggests searches and filters adjustments in a predictive way.

This feature is enabled by default on mobile. To activate it on desktop, please email our Support Team through our contact form. If needed, simply log in to your Doofinder admin panel. Click on 'Help' in the top blue bar, then select 'Contact our Support Team’.

Your customers will be able to search for products within your e-commerce site by uploading photos, improving the user experience by simplifying the search process. These photos can be taken on site or uploaded directly from their device.

This feature is enabled by default on mobile. To activate it on desktop, please email our Support Team through our contact form. If needed, simply log in to your Doofinder admin panel. Click on 'Help' in the top blue bar, then select 'Contact our Support Team’.

Search Interfaces

Customize the design of your site search engine and adapt it to your business goals. Take a look at our designs here.

Facets & Sorting

This feature allows you to filter and sort the results in your own way, to enhance the customer's search experience. You can learn all about facets by reading the article 'Facets Configuration'.

Guided search is a feature that helps users by applying filters to better segment results when a search returns many outcomes. In addition, it provides visual support by associating each filter value with an automatically selected image of a product that corresponds to that value, which enhances the overall appeal. Learn more about Guided Search in this article

Personalized User Experience

AI Search Personalization

Search personalization is a feature that provides your customers with search results that match their preferences as well as your business goals, based on their search behavior during the current session. Learn from your user's search behavior to offer them personalized and more relevant results in every search.

Learn more about this feature by reading the article 'AI Search Personalization'.

Product Recommendations

Use smart product recommendations to encourage cross-selling and upselling within your store.

Find more information in this article.

Individual Search History

Keep track of your personal searches with the "Individual Search History" feature.

Searchandising & Business Rules


A synonym is a word that means the same as another word in the same language, for example, "small" and "little" are synonyms. With Doofinder you can use custom synonyms to make results match other terms that are not usually included in your data feed.

You can learn more about synonyms and how they work by reading the article 'Synonyms'.

Promotional Banners

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level, or simply promote a certain product using our banners. You can configure them to be triggered at specific time periods, selectively by search terms, and there is also an option to display a default banner for all search results.

Learn more about banners and how to create them by reading the article 'Promotional Banners'.

Page Redirections

Your customers can find what they are looking for through the search bar, even if the product(s) or information is not inside your website, thanks to the Redirections option. Using this feature, you can redirect users to a specific landing page or other pages of your company, blog, related pages, etc.

More info on redirections and how to configure them in the article 'Redirections'.

Dynamic Re-Ranking

Personalize search relevance to create sophisticated preferences over multiple criteria. Dynamic Re-ranking is a set of features that have the power to change the relevance of products when returning your search results, based on the search engine configuration or user behavior.

More info on Dynamic Re-Ranking and how to configure them in the article 'Dynamic Re-Ranking'.

Search Results Customization

Promote your products in search results by offering your customers the products you want to sell. Create predefined lists of results to show your customers when they type in specific terms.

More info on custom results and how to configure them in the article 'Custom Results'.

Product Promotions

Give importance to certain products of your choice, applying different boosting rules to manage search results.

Excluded Results

This functionality allows you to intentionally exclude results from your search engine, customizing the search experience. You can exclude single or list items and create your own conditions and filtering rules. You can find more information in the article 'Excluded Results'.

Data Management

Automatic Indexing

Doofinder indexes product information once a day to keep your store updated. This task is performed during the day/night, avoiding peak usage hours, to guarantee the correct functioning of the service.

Scheduled Indexing

This feature allows you to schedule the index tasks once a day, periodically, configuring a time interval between index or scheduling specific timing (maximum six times a day).

For more information, read the article 'Indexing Options'.

API (Search & Management)

Need to build a search engine from scratch? Wants to take full control of your indexed data? Use the API to index, search and manage your data.


90 days Stats

Using Doofinder Stats, you can identify what your customers are searching for on your site and increase your sales. This feature will allow you to know what terms they search for, where they click, and which searches are more difficult for Doofinder to answer.

More information can be found in the article 'Statistics Tools'.

365 days Stats

365 day Stats give access to the last year's stats that will help you identify trends and behaviors to optimize the functioning of your search engine.

More information can be found in the article 'Statistics Tools'.

Real Time data

Check the total number of searches and where they originate (geolocation), compare the current click rate to the previous one, and find out what percentage of searches end in a purchase. Don't worry! We are GDPR friendly.

More information can be found in the article 'Statistics Tools'.

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