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Combine Floating with Embedded Layer

You can combine two of the most popular layers to generate a more attractive design for your users. We are talking about the Floating layer combined with the Embedded layer.

This way, when starting a search, the floating layer will appear first and when the user hits enter, the layer will be embedded in your web page integrating your design.

  1. Initial search:
  1. After hitting enter:

How to configure a Floating + Embedded layer

  1. First, create a floating layer. To learn how to create a layer, read the article 'Create Layer'.

  2. Then, go to Layers > General Settings and enable the 'Embedded Results Screen' button.

  3. Now, use a CSS selector to indicate the insertion point on your page to contain the embedded search results. To learn how to choose a CSS selector, read this article.

  4. Remember to save the changes.

Once the layer is created, you need to go to Store Settings > Configuration > Search Layers and select the layer created. Then, save.