Doofinder Cookies

A cookie is a piece of data from a website that is stored in a web browser and can be retrieved by the website at a later time. They are usually small files, often including unique identifiers, that web servers send to browsers, and vice-versa, the browser sends them to the server too, that’s why they’re problematic in some cases. These cookies have a name, content, purpose and expiration time.

Currently, Live Layer requires a cookie to function, and will fail if it is blocked in any way, so it is important to accept it, as it will provide you with a better user experience on the website.

  • Cookie name: It’s composed of the store’s installation id plus a .session suffix.

  • Contents: Randomly-generated MD5 hash, based on User Agent, host, time and random numbers. No fingerprinting used. It does not contain sensitive information nor identifies the user in any way.

  • Expiration: 24h since creation (UTC).

  • Purpose: Link operations done during a search session:

  • Searches:

    • Clicks on results and banners

    • Checkout after using search

    • Requests logging

📌 Note: For legacy layers, such as V7, there are no cookies.